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Trauma Clean 24 Seven Services

Flood and Sewage ClearanceFlood and Sewage Clearance

Sewage spillage and flooding, is an unfortunately common occurrence.  Sewage can leave behind harmful and unwanted bacteria such as E Coli, salmonella and many parasites, as well contain many harmful and unknown chemicals. This can all have a damaging and hazardous effect on the environment and inhabitants around us. Our specialist operatives work quickly and effectively to contain, manage and disinfect all affected areas.



Organising a clean of a hoarded property, can be a very sensitive issue. Our team of clearance specialists, work alongside any government agencies or specialists involved in the project to ensure a successful clearance.




Human DecompositionHuman Decomposition

In the unfortunate incidence of needing to deal with any human decomposition, speed is the key.  Our trained bio-hazard specialists will seal and isolate the area, making sure all fluids and waste are cleared, disinfected with medical grade chemicals and sealed accordingly. This eliminates any bacteria and viruses. The clinical waste Is then sent away for disposal by incineration.  Trauma Clean can then certificate the area as professionally cleaned for your records.

Bird And Rodent InfestationBird And Rodent Infestation Droppings (working alongside Pest Control 24 Seven)

Infestations by pest such as rodents and birds can be damaging and dangerous. Once the infestation has been eliminated, our team of Biohazard specialists can begin the clear up of the debris and disease left behind.  Bird and Rodent droppings can be not only hazardous to health, carrying many bacteria and funguses compromising to the immune system, but damaging to buildings and furnishings, with its corrosive nature and the parasites they carry.  The safe removal of bird waste is not only important to the appearance and hygienic state of the premises, but vital to the health of the public and any persons or employees associated with the building.

Mass Casualty Clean UpMass Casualty Clean Up

When an incident occurs requiring mass casualty clean up, our team of trained Biohazard specialists, carry out, an efficient and sensitive sanitizing plan. Where there is a need to clean any bodily fluids, sanitization and decontamination of the area is carried out alongside any government agency on site.



Squat ClearanceSquat Clearance

Cleansing and clearing premises that has been inhabited by squatters quite often requires an ‘Extreme Clean’. Our team of trained Biohazard specialist cleaners have years of experience in dealing with the difficult and quite extreme conditions that illegal residents, often leave behind. We are able clean, sanitize and remove any debris and waste products in an appropriate and professional manner, whether it involves drug paraphernalia, sharps, or human waste, Leaving you with a deodorised, disinfected and inhabitable premise.

Accident Scene Clean UpAccident Scene Clean Up

Accident Scene Clean Up can cover a multitude of scenarios and environmental issues. Quite frequently there is a need for a multi team approach to the challenging circumstances, on a time constricted basis. Our teams have the training, and sensitive approach to deal with the possibility of chemical and debris clearance from vehicle calamity, to the disinfectant of bodily fluid and trauma clearance.



Inhabitable Residence RemediationInhabitable Residence Remediation

In the instance of a property or premises have been left unattended or abandonded for any length of time, there is quite often a large amount of grime and filth build up. Before any restoration or regeneration work can be undertaken,  Trauma Clean 24 Seven have a specialist team of cleaners , who can perform an extreme clean to make the building fit for work. From mould and spore removal, to rodent and insect clearance and disinfecting any possible biological danger to our environment, as well as any possible flood , water or leakage damage clean up.

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